Dive into the advanced features of this Mares air-integrated dive computer for an unparalleled underwater experience. Customizable with the Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm, the Mares QUAD Ci allows divers to set personalized gradient factors, ensuring a safe dive tailored to your preferences. With versatile modes encompassing air, nitrox and trimix, coupled with an 8-color, high-resolution MIP display, this dive computer provides comprehensive information at a glance. The integrated digital compass, stopwatch, and hoseless tank data integration (up to five transmitters) enhance navigation and monitoring capabilities. Benefit from a decompression dive planner, logbook capacity of 100 hours, and a smart battery management system offering 20 hours of dive time per full charge. Stay connected through Bluetooth, access real-time dive insights, and conveniently update firmware via the Mares app. Safety features like TTR and a runaway deco alarm further solidify this dive computer as a reliable companion for underwater exploration.


  • Customizable Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm: Tailor your dive with personalized gradient factors, ensuring a safe and unique underwater journey,
  • Advanced decompression features: Explore alternate gradient factors and ceil-con decompression for enhanced safety during your dives,
  • Versatile dive modes: From air to nitrox, trimix and bottom timer, this dive computer adapts to various diving profiles, offering unparalleled flexibility,
  • High-resolution MIP display: Immerse yourself in an 8-color, high-resolution MIP display, presenting jumbo-sized information for at-a-glance readability,
  • Integrated digital compass: Navigate with confidence using the full-tilt digital compass, complete with bearing memory and a stopwatch,
  • Hoseless tank data integration: Connect up to five transmitters for seamless tank data integration, featuring color-coded pressure and saturation levels,
  • Decompression dive planner: Plan your dives with precision using the decompression dive planner, accompanied by an additional surface interval function,
  • Logbook capacity: Record up to 100 hours of dive profiles at a 5-second sampling rate, allowing comprehensive post-dive analysis,
  • Smart battery management: Enjoy a dive time of 20 hours per full charge (30 hours without transmitter) with a smart battery management system,
  • Charging convenience: Charge effortlessly via clip and USB cable, with 500 charging cycles ensuring lasting performance,
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Stay connected with integrated Bluetooth, enabling direct connection to your smart device,
  • Real-time dive insights: Access dive profiles and tissue saturation graphs during the dive, enhancing your real-time awareness,
  • Underwater menu and quick commands: Adjust certain settings underwater with the intuitive four-button interface and quick commands,
  • Time to Reserve (TTR): Monitor the time you can spend at the current depth before reaching the tank reserve,
  • Safety features: Benefit from a runaway deco alarm and altitude adaptation sensing ambient pressure every 20 seconds,
  • User-friendly firmware updates: Keep your dive computer up-to-date with firmware updates conveniently delivered through the Mares app.


Product code: 414148


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